Technology Integrators, representing products to improve productivity in the pressroom and bindery, introduces a new alternative to signature log handling. The Signature Log Clamp creates an efficient, ergonomic, & safe workplace where operators lift, transfer & position signature logs in the pressroom or bindery. Clamp sizes are available for all log palletization needs as well as all product sizes.

Standard Sizes:
  • 23 Close - 31 Open / Cross Tie Palletization
  • 29 Close - 41 Open / Skid Width Palletization
  • 36 Close - 48 Open / Skid Length Palletization

Product Sizes:
  • Quarter Fold
  • Tabloid
  • Double Digest
SLC-1000 One Product

Smart Air Logic

The SLC clamp's air logic has evolved into the most user friendly control platform on the market.

Non-Rotate Air Logic Includes:
  • Auto Open or Jog Open
  • Auto Close
  • Open Safety Interlock
  • Open Indicator Light
  • Up/Down Speed Control
SLC-1000 Multi Product

Ergonomic Handles

The handle design including width, height, angle & position has evolved from 10 years of customer feedback, resulting in a truly ergonomic design.

Swing Arm Handle Standard Handle
SLC Handles Include:
  • Logical Controls - the left hand controls the open and closing of the clamp. The right hand controls the up and down movement.
  • Comfort - height and angle of handles fully adjust for operator comfort
  • Flexibility - handles can be mounted on left-side, right-side, end-mount or swing arm


Safety and clamp design have been hand in hand with the evolution of the SLC.

SLC Safety Features:
  • Bellows Safety Covers - protects operator from dangerous pinch points
  • Open Safety Interlock - prevents the SLC from opening with log
  • Air Safety Valve - prevents SLC from malfunction if air supply is lost
  • Clamping Force - SLC generates 1210# of clamping force at 80 psi
Safety Bellows

Crane Options

Jib Crane Ceiling Mount Bridge Crane
Freestanding Bridge Crane