A-D. Litho Ink Knives

The one piece solvent resistant construction provides for a durable light-weight tool; with no danger of damaging rubber, plastic or teflon parts on the press. Ergonomic handle design allows for easy working of the ink without fatigue. Available blade sizes shown below.
A. 3"x 7 1/2" Litho Ink Knife
B. 5 1/2"x 4 1/2" Litho Ink Knife
C. 4"x 4" Litho Ink Knife
D. 3"x 6" Litho Ink Knife


E-F. Paper Puck®

Using this portable tool, paper handlers can turn paper rolls easily and safely. The ease of movement minimizes the possibility of a serious injury and at the same time eliminates damage to the outer wrap.
Three sizes are available to accommodate any size diameter roll.
- 8" Paper Puck®
- 12" Paper Puck®
- 16" Paper Puck® (Not Shown)

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G. Dura-Tip Stripper

A must have tool for every web printer or sheeting operation. Safely and easily remove kraft outer wrap, damaged paper, and even wrap-ups on rubber rollers. The durable plastic construction is both heat and solvent resistant. The unique reinforced tip design and comfortable handle provides for a long lasting tool. An optional leather holster which attaches to the operators belt is available.
- Dura Tip Stripper
- Dura Tip Stripper with Holster

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H. Web Knife™

Offers the most efficient and cost effective method of opening paper rolls. Constructed of lightweight magnesium aluminum alloy, this tool will provide years of dependable service. The optional leather holster keeps it ready to use.
- Web Knife™
- Web Knife™ with Holster

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Wash Up Tools

Getting the job done quickly and effectively is always easier when the right tool is used. That is why we offer a variety of Wash Up Tools. Each tool has been designed to provide more cleaning power than a standard shop towel and be durable enough to be used over and over. This results in safer, more cost efficient wash ups.


I. Blanket Scrubber

The first practical improvement in pressroom cleaning, it easily outlasts the equivalent of 300 or more shop towels reducing laundering bills by up to 50%. Quickly scours away build up on your blanket. Consists of a nylon pocket containing a cellulose sponge that acts as a reservoir for solvent.
- I. Blanket Scrubber
- Blanket Scrubber w/o Sponge

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J-K. Commerical Scrubber / Scrubette

Similar in design and size to the 51/2" x 7" Blanket Scrubber but with a mildly abrasive pocket. Ideal for the commercial printer for cleaning blankets, rollers and press frames. For the smaller presses the 3" x 41/2" Commercial Scrubette is designed for multiple cleaning chores like cleaning the carbonless paper residue. The Commercial Scrubette is a white nylon pad containing an absorbent material that acts as a reservoir for your press wash.
- J. Commercial Scrubber
- K. Commercial Scrubette (Dozen)

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L. The Pressmate Pad

A unique tool combining the benefits of the Blanket Scrubber with the ability to be laundered for extended use. The pad is constructed of a high quality cotton fabric wrapped around an absorbent material that acts as the solvent reservoir. The nylon mesh outer wrap provides the additional positive scouring for improved cleaning.
- Pressmate Pad (Dozen)

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P. Ink Grabber®

Just place it in your recirculating tank and let it work. The special absorbent material enclosed in the nylon mesh bag removes emulsified ink from fountain solution. Maintains water consistency, reduces disposal costs, and helps keep tank clean. Standard size 41/2" x 83/4" fits most tanks. Other sizes are available.
- Ink Grabber® Package of 4

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Q-R. Lithographic Alcohol Testers

A quick and easy to use tool for determining the concentration of alcohol in your fountain solution. Simply count how many of the six balls are floating and you have the percentage of alcohol. A pocket holder is included, making it convenient and ready to use. Two versions are available the Wide range (0-28%) and Low range (0-12%).
- Q. Wide Range Alcohol Tester
- R. Low Range Alcohol Tester Ammonia Tester (Not Shown)

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