Are these some of the typical problems you're currently experiencing with your water pans?

  • Condensation or water drippings
  • Insulation constantly falling off
  • Water temperature variance
  • Web breaks from condensation




Air Stamping Double Wall Water Pan

Air Stamping's Double Wall Water Pans are designed to distribute condensation from the inner pan into the outer pan. This eliminates water drippings, because the outer pan does not see the constant water temperature variation that causes condensation. With the outer pan's built in slope, the drips funnel out the drain. By eliminating the drips the pans reduce the number of web breaks associated with condensation.

Water temperature within the pan can also vary greatly. Air Stamping has incorporated a weir tube and dam into our inner pans that maintains a constant water temperature within one degree. The weir tube distributes the water behind the pan roller evenly about every 6 inches and the dam keeps the fresh water closer to the pan roller longer, which contributes to constant water temperature. Consistent water temperature reduces piling and tinting, thus improving print quality.



Cleaning the double wall water pan couldn't be easier.

Simply lift inner pan. No tools required.